OUTSIDER, December 1018
Visual Artist Dusa Jesih Staying in New York: Her Own Visual Expression, Not Current Trends

“Dusa Jesih moved to New York for a month, as an artist-in-residence in an independent arts collective in Brooklyn, where she continues her creative research. Working with the idea of Bauhaus today, one hundred years after the founding of this versatile artistic movement, she responds in her own way – from the minimalism of pure geometric abstraction to personal interpretations – inventing various forms and methods of artistic expression.” [Translated from Slovenian]

ART 511 MAG, July 2018

"Sol, who runs and directs the Mothership NYC in Greenpoint, played an active role as one of more seasoned artists in our show by making curatorial recommendations of several other performers, including the shamaness Siw Laurent, whose otherworldly vocals certainly raised the vibration in the space Friday afternoon."


VOGUE Brasil, June 28, 2017
Interview with Artist-in-Residence Mariana Soares, São Paulo:
“Here at Mothership NYC, I had the opportunity to give a salon talk for a very receptive audience. To be part of an art collective is very exciting and there is always a great exchange of ideas with other artists. Right now, we are collaborating with Art for Progress on an interdisciplinary production for Mothership’s next rooftop event – a great opportunity to start new connections in this city I love.”

Artnet logo_small.jpg

Artnet, June 2016
Exhibition Announcement for IN THE AIR, New York:
“She founded NOoSPHERE Arts, a nonprofit exhibition and performance venue, on the Lower East Side, a collaborative arts platform called Last Frontier NYC as well as Mothership NYC, an arts collective in Brooklyn.”

Greenpointers logo.jpg

Greenpointers, March 15, 2017
“This month’s 2nd Tuesday (which will be held on Tuesday the 21st due to this week’s snowstorm) keynote presenter will be Mothership NYC’s current artist-in-residence, South African visual artist Diane Victor who will give a presentation about her ongoing project: ephemeral portraits drawn with the soot from a candle."


Eyes Towards the Dove, Dec 31, 2015
2015 WAS GOLDEN: TOP PICKS” by Katy Diamond Hamer

“Just what the doctor ordered. A prescriptive performance at a rooftop party in Greenpoint. (…)
Video was projected onto a nearby brick façade, a DJj played danceable tunes, and a duo who go by ReFemme, met with patients in an unassuming white tent, set up near the revelers. Even if it didn’t necessarily look that interesting to me initially, I was intrigued enough to put my name down on a list and see what was going on within the otherwise private tent. […] How lovely that in a busy, competitive city that never sleeps, on a rooftop, under the moon shining over Greenpoint,
I was reminded through this simple performative gesture that I’m more than OK.”

Best of Brooklyn.jpg

Brooklyn Award Program, September 2, 2015

"Mothership NYC has been selected for the 2015 Best of Brooklyn Award in the Performance Venue category by the Brooklyn Award Program.

Each year, the Brooklyn Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Brooklyn area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2015 Brooklyn Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Brooklyn Award Program and data provided by third parties."

Byavis Logo_new.jpg

Byavisa, March 5, 2015
«Captain of the Mothership” by Tore Feiring (Interview with Captain Sol):
«Sol Kjøk is a visual artist, founder and driving force behind NOoSPHERE Arts in Manhattan and the artists’ collective Mothership NYC in Brooklyn. NOoSPHERE Arts is a nonprofit exhibition arena for arts from elsewhere. […] ‘I am an artist who has started an artist-run venture. It is not privately owned and not commercial. Call it a presentation platform for international artists. It is a DIY enterprise based on voluntary efforts and collaboration between all parties involved.”
[Translated from Norwegian]


BBC NEWS, August 4, 2013
Interview with Slincraze, a musician featured on Mothership’s rooftop stage
(including concert footage):
“Nils Rune Utsi is the founding member of Slincraze, a rap group from Maze, a village in northern Norway. They rap in Sami, a language spoken by less than 20,000 people. Their goal is to save their language and culture and to fight stereotypes about the people of the region.
The BBC caught up with Utsi in New York City. He discussed his love of music, his creative process, and why rap could save his region's ancient cultures and traditions.”

FIN Magasin Logo.jpg

FIN Magazine 1, 2013
“SOL KJØK: On Travels and the Human Body” by Maren Mosaker (Interview with Captain Sol):
“It feels like it’s a couple of hundred degrees on the roof deck of The Mothership, Sol Kjøk’s artists’ collective in Greenpoint, New York.” […] ‘I love to dance with a bunch of good people on our rooftop in Brooklyn to live gypsy music, with a crackling bonfire in a metal barrel and all the lights of Manhattan sparkling against the night sky on the other side of the water.’”

DN magasin, July 20, 2012
Min arbeidsplass” by Line Tiller (Interview with Captain Sol):
«One of the many advantages of living in an artists’ collective is that I keep meeting people and friends of friends in my home. I get to make international connections in my own living room.”
[Translated from Norwegian]


Refinery29, August 28, 2017
«Ever wonder what it's like to live like a city-dwelling artist? You can get a taste when staying at Mothership NYC, an artist studio-slash-exhibition space in a former industrial building. The guestroom is closet-sized — ah, the struggles of living in a costly city — but the rest of the space more than makes up for it. Eclectic artwork by Sol, a Norwegian artist (…), can be seen all over the living room and hallway..”