NOoSPHERE Arts is an artist-run 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in New York City. Founded in 2011, the organization produces public art programming. As reflected in its motto, “Art from Elsewhere”, NOoSPHERE Arts seeks to serve as a bridge between international artists and the NYC art world:  its goal is to offer the U.S. audience access to current art from other countries and to bring creative people together for artistic cross-pollination and transnational collaborations.



A network of over 600 centers, organizations, and individuals in over 70 countries. Each member is dedicated to offering artists, curators, and all manner of creative people the essential time and place away from the pressures and habits of every-day life, an experience framed within a unique geographic and cultural context.

artist-run alliance

An international platform for artist-run initiatives – a term typically including artist co-operatives, independent galleries and art spaces. The Artist Run Alliance (ARA) came about through a need for artist-run initiatives in many parts of the world to connect and interact through a global network, in the process building relationships based on a shared vision.

microresidence network

A database of microresidencies around the globe that aims to bring together artists and AIR hosts offering unique alternatives: the microresidency, with all its “macro” potential to support self-directed activities.By building a network founded on trust and face-to-face connections, and with a strong belief in the vital role AIRs play as social vessels supporting the mobility of artists worldwide.

alexandra arts

Curated by the Manchester-based, artist-led collective Alexandra Arts, Pankhurst in the Park is an Arts Council England-funded arts and community engagement program. It is inspired by Alexandra Park’s rich historical connection to the Suffrage Movement, whose iconic leader, Emmeline Pankhurst, was born and bred only yards from the Park in the neighboring Moss Side estate. 

arts council england

“We believe that great art and culture inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. In short, it makes life better.” (Arts Council UK)
Mothership NYC is very pleased to announce that Manchester-based Lotte Karlsen’s residency onboard in September 2018 has been fully sponsored by the Arts Council England.

creative scotland

Creative Scotland is the public body that supports the arts, screen and creative industries across all parts of Scotland on behalf of everyone who lives, works or visits here.
Mothership NYC is very pleased to announce that Scottish artist Kirsty Whiten’s residency onboard in October 2018 has been fully sponsored by the Arts Council England.

slovenian ministry of culture

The Ministry of Culture is the part of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia responsible for regulating matters in the sphere of culture which are in the public interest. These include involvement in the coordinated cultural development of Slovenia, protection of cultural heritage, ensuring the plurality of media landscape, providing suitable conditions for the creation, communication and accessibility of cultural assets, guaranteeing the special cultural rights of minorities, international cooperation in the sphere of culture and the promotion of culture at home and abroad. Mothership NYC is very pleased to announce that Slovenian artist Dusa Jeshi’s residency onboard in December 2018 has been fully sponsored by the Slovenian Ministry of Culture.

city of oslo

The Culture Department of the City of Oslo is the public body that supports local artists based in the capital region of Oslo. Mothership NYC is very pleased to announce that Norwegian-Sudanese artist Ahmed Umar’s residency onboard in May of 2019 has been sponsored by this grant-making agency.

Albert Koechlin Stiftung
+ Casimir Eigensatz Stiftung

The Albert Koechlin Stiftung is active in Central Switzerland in the areas of social affairs, education, culture, business and the environment. Casimir Eigensatz Stiftung is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the fine arts in Central Switzerland. Mothership NYC is very pleased to announce that Swiss artist Till Lauer’s residency onboard in August of 2019 has been sponsored by both of these foundations.

Slovak Arts Council

Slovak Arts Council is a self-governing public institution guaranteeing support of art activities, culture and the creative industry whose main mission is to support of “live“ arts and culture with a special focus on diversity. The Council provides grants for the creation, production, distribution and presentation of works of art; support of international cooperation; educational programs, and grants for individual artists.
Mothership NYC is very pleased to announce that Slovak artist Viktor Fucek’s residency and presentation onboard in August 2019 is supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council.