To date, visiting artists from 27 countries (and counting!) have lived and worked onboard our Mothership.
These creative colleagues remain members of our extended international family,
and many of them also operate artist-run initiatives in their own homelands.
Please find below some offerings by former Mothership sailors to other nomadic artists worldwide -- stay tuned for further updates!




Artist-in-Residence @ NOoSPHERE Arts/Mothership NYC August 2014

Visual artist, art director at Fusion Art Gallery / Inaudita
and publisher at Edizioni Inaudite.

Barbara & crew offer a REGULAR RESIDENCY PROGRAM
called Fusion A.I.R. in Turin, Italy.


Artist-in-Residence @ Mothership NYC 2017 and 2018

matilde soligno

Mothership Crew Member 2010

A community of hardworking artists, Mothership NYC has no outside funding, so everybody on board must cover their own rent.  However, knowing full well the brutal reality of the New York real estate market, we wish to make a sojourn with us feasible also for colleagues of limited means. We have therefore created the annual NOoSPHERE Arts Residency Award: Once a year, we offer a month-long residency free of charge to a talented international artist. Selected by a committee of peers, the award winners spend their time on board with us developing a creative project for presentation to the NYC audience on our Brooklyn stage(s). To cover the related costs, we solicit HELP from generous sponsors in our circle -- every contribution counts!

Luckily, several of the artists who have spent time onboard with us and/or exhibited at NOoSPHERE Arts also want to support international colleagues in bringing their magic to NYC. These kind members of our extended family have donated artworks for sale to the benefit of our residency award.
And this is where YOU can lend a hand, too – go ahead and PURCHASE SOME ART featured in the slide show below!