Want to Come Sail with Us for a While?


Mothership NYC is a combined live-work space and presentation arena for international artists across multiple disciplines in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. Our converted industrial loft has three cabins for permanent crew members (all 30+ years-old female creatives) and two spaces for shorter-term visitors (yes, guys are welcome, too).

As of December 2016, one of the short-term options is a private live-work space for rotating Artists-in-Residence:
a spacious, light-filled and high-ceilinged room divided into two separate sections.
The living area has a loft bed, clothing rack, dresser, and a small sitting area. The studio has a desk, a large table, and an empty wall to work on.
There is an easel, too, as well as a great bike you get to use (please see images in second slide show below).

Residency Programming:
·  Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, we invite fellow artists and other creatives/cultural workers for a salon-style gathering
    where you can present your work to a very receptive audience of local artist peers and other arts professionals and appreciators
·  During the warm months, we use the roof deck as a stage for creative productions across several disciplines
·  You can organize open studio events during your stay (we’ll help you!)
·  Various collaborative productions can potentially also be hosted at our satellite platform, Last Frontier NYC

Please contact Captain Sol for additional information:

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The slide show below includes images of the 220 sq. ft. private live-work space available for our Artists-in-Residence: