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Mothership NYC is a combined live-work space and presentation arena for international artists across multiple disciplines in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. Our converted industrial loft has three cabins for permanent crew members (all 30+ years-old female creatives) and two spaces for shorter-term visitors (yes, guys are welcome, too).

As of December 2016, one of the short-term options is a private live-work space for rotating Artists-in-Residence (known onboard as our Sea Artists):
a spacious, light-filled and high-ceilinged room divided into two separate sections.
The living area has a loft bed, clothing rack, dresser, and a small sitting area. The studio has a desk, a large table, and empty walls to work on.
There is an easel, too, as well as a great bike you get to use (please see images in second slide show below).

Residency Programming:
·  Every 2nd Tuesday of the month, we invite fellow artists and other creatives/cultural workers for a salon-style gathering
   where you can present your work to a very receptive audience of local artist peers and other arts professionals and appreciators
·  We host artists' dinners for our international and NYC-based creative colleagues
·  During the warm months, we use our roof deck as a stage for creative productions across several disciplines
·  You can organize open studio events during your stay (we’ll help you!)
·  Collaborative productions can potentially also be hosted on our sister platform, Last Frontier NYC

A community of hardworking artists, Mothership NYC has no outside funding, so everybody on board must cover their own rent.  However, knowing full well the brutal reality of the New York real estate market, we wish to make a sojourn with us feasible also for colleagues of limited means. Therefore, with the generous help of anonymous donors, we have created the annual NOoSPHERE Arts Residency Award: Once a year, we offer a month-long residency free of charge to one talented international artist. Selected by a committee of peers, the award winner will spend their time on board with us developing a creative project for presentation to the NYC audience on one of our Brooklyn stages. Annual deadline: February 4, with notification to winner on March 16. The awardee will choose a month in the following year as their residency period.

Please contact Captain Sol for additional information:

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The slide show below includes images of the 220 sq. ft. private live-work space available for our Artists-in-Residence:


"I have long believed that the arts have an important role to play in dealing with the interconnected and interdependent problems of our global crisis. All these problems — energy, environment, climate change, economic inequality, violence and war, and so on — are systemic problems that require corresponding systemic solutions; solutions that do not solve any problem in isolation but deal with it within the context of other related problems. To find systemic solutions, we need to learn how to think systemically, in terms of relationships, patterns, and context.

In my view, the arts can be of great help in this task for two reasons. One, because there is hardly anything more effective than the arts — whether it's the visual arts, music, or the performing arts — for developing the ability to recognize and express patterns; and thus, the arts can be a powerful tool for learning how to think systemically. Two, because the arts provide the emotional impact that is critical to get people engaged in communities and civic action.

I was therefore delighted when I heard of the Mothership, that unique multidisciplinary collective of artists, thinkers, and activists in Brooklyn, and honored to make a contribution to an exhibition project in July 2016. I stayed on board for several days and thoroughly enjoyed the packed public event featuring four brilliant musicians and performing artists from the collective. I gave a keynote on Leonardo da Vinci’s synthesis of art, science, and design, which sparked lively discussions in which several artists explained and demonstrated how their creative works across several fields (painting, philosophy, music, performance art, photography, and environmental architecture) echo Leonardo’s unique synthesis in a contemporary context.

With its friendly multinational crew, rotating visiting artists, and its considerable local following in NYC, the Mothership offers constant opportunities to exchange ideas and make new connections, whether over shared meals in the communal kitchen, far-ranging rooftop conversations under a vast Brooklyn night sky, or during their well-attended salons and open studio events.

This is fertile ground for new ideas and future collaborations, and indeed many of the creative practitioners who spend time on board end up returning for additional inspiring stints. As the Mothership’s Honorary Scholar-in-Residence, I, too, look forward to coming back for more." 

                                                                                                                                                                    Fritjof Capra, Ph.D., Scientist, Educator, Activist, & Author, Berkeley

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