Mothership NYC is a combined live-work space and presentation arena for international artists across multiple disciplines in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC.
Our mission is to support and promote artists at all career levels through residencies, public shows and collaborative opportunities; build sustainable transnational artist networks; and help retain creative forces in New York City.

Our History:
Born out of the needs of emerging artists who come to New York City to take part in the cultural nexus, Mothership NYC was founded in 2005.  With a huge roof deck serving as an outdoor stage, our community of artist peers gradually and organically evolved into a destination for art events and performances of all kinds, as well as lively dinner parties and improvised salons uniting creatives from many disciplines. The addition of an extra live-work space in late 2016 provided an impetus to professionalize our residency program. Our international artists-in-residence -- known as Sea Artists according to our nautical terminology -- are now selected based on merits as well as on their commitment to collectivism. We aim to host between 6 to 12 official sea artists per year for periods from 1 to 3 months, as well as several short-term visiting creatives.  Today, our salons occur on a regular monthly schedule: On the 2nd Tuesday of every month, Mothership artists share the floor with local peers for presentations of their work, creative exchanges and good cheer. Additionally, all hands on board produce indoor and outdoor public events at a prolific pace,  both onboard the Mothership and on our sister platform, Last Frontier NYC.

This is the rationale behind our name:
·  A mother ship, mothership or mother-ship is a large vessel – whether maritime ship, aircraft, or spacecraft – that leads, serves, or carries other smaller vehicles.
Mothership NYC is the base camp from which the rotating cast members on board take off for independent journeys, then return to with new knowledge.
·  The captain of this craft is a woman, and our permanent crew is all female.
·  We like the ambiguity inherent in the name: while ‘mother’ generally has a nurturing ring, the spaceship connotation adds a combative note.
And that describes our crew – we are gentle warrior women. 

Our ship’s company comprises the following:

CAPTAIN BRIDGE Permanent Position Visual Artist Sol Kjøk
1st/3rd MATE CREW'S
Semi-Permanent Visual Artist Noam Shoan
Semi-Permanent Jewelry Designer Carolyn A’Hearn
SCREW ROOM 1-3 months Visual Artist Kirsty Whiten
(Visiting Artist/s)
CABIN 1-4 weeks Performance Artist Marita Isobel Solberg

Mothershippers, Fall 2018:

Front row: Honorary Scholar-in-Residence, Fritjof Capra (author, scientist, educator, activist)
From left: Sea Artist Kirsty Whiten, 2nd Officer Carolyn A’Hearn, Captain Sol Kjøk, 3rd Officer Noam Shoan, Sea Artist Marianne Skjeldal


Till Lauer Visual Artist/Illustrator (Basel)

Cynthia X. Hua Researcher/Artist/Journalist (San Francisco) 

Jue Yang Trans-media Writer (Shanghai)

Alexa Wilson Dancer/Performance Artist (Auckland)

Mairana Soares, Painter (São Paolo)

Claire Zakiewicz, Visual Artist (London)

David Alræk, Filmmaker (Norway)

Diane Victor, Visual Artist (South Africa)

Céline Pelcé, Food Artist (France)

Florian Pochlatko, Filmmaker (Austria)

Fritjof Capra, Scientist, Educator, Activist & Author (USA/Austria)

Molly Haslund, Performance Artist (Denmark)

Peter Max-Jakobsen, Visual Artist/Musician (Denmark)

Jim Thompson, Musician (USA)

Marianne Skjeldal, Performance Artist (Norway)

Gaby Steiner, Video Artist/Photographer (Switzerland)

Mik Kuhlmann, Performing Artist (USA)

Cara Judea Alhadeff, Photographer/Performance Artist/Writer (USA)

Matilde Soligno, Photographer/Publisher (Italy)

Didem Civginoglu, Photographer (Turkey)

Zoog von Rock, Musician (Australia)

Jon Haukeland, Filmmaker (Norway)

Juan Fabuel, Photographer (Spain)

Be Andr, Visual Artist (Norway/UK)

James Boddington, Photographer (Australia)

Alison Pilkington, Visual Artist (Ireland)

Henrike Stahl, Photographer (Germany)

Anne-marte Eidseth Rygh, Performance Artist (Norway)

Agnes Nedregard, Performance Artist (Norway/France)

Anna Christina Lorenzen, Visual Artist (Norway)

Wren Steiner, Photographer (Australia)

Björn Hegardt, Visual Artist/Publisher (Norway/Germany)

Vanna Bowles, Visual Artist (Sweden/Norway)

Barbara Fragogna, Visual Artist/ Publisher (Italy)

Kristin Skrivervik, Visual Artist (Norway)

Ellen Bang, Sculptor (Norway/USA)

Petrea Frid, Visual Artist/Writer/Physician/Scholar (Sweden)

Gisle Harr, Visual Artist (Norway)

Lars Strandh, Visual Artist (Sweden/Norway)

Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen, Visual Artist (Norway)

Marianne Darlén Solhaugstrand, Visual Artist (Norway)

Jannik Abel, Visual Artist (Norway)

Matthew Cowan, Performance Artist (New Zealand)

Andreas Savva, Visual Artist (Cyprus)

Judy Nyambura Karanja, Actress (Norway)

Davide Fiore, Photographer (Italy)

Jennifer Mizenko, Dancer/Actor (USA)

Russ Havard, Visual Artist (USA) 


Katy Gunn, Musician/Performance Artist (USA)

Sindy Butz, Performance Artist (Germany)

Richard Borge, Animator (USA)

Robin Eubanks, Musician (USA)

Autumn Kioti, Performance Artist (USA)

Lesley Kernochan, Musician (USA)

Duckie L’Orange, Performance Artist (Australia)

Poems While You Wait, Poet (USA)

Cat del Buono, Visual Artist (USA)

Jeanne Wilkinson, Visual Artist (USA)

Daniel Maldonado, Film Director (USA)

Charles Davi, Musician/Writer (USA)

Loren Crabbe, Performance Artist (USA)

Bad Faces, Band (USA)

Ark Calkins, Musician (USA)

Pierre Lionel Matte, Visual Artist (Norway)

Peter Daniel Straus, Actor/Comedian/Circus Artist (USA)

Hillary Chaplain, Actor/Comedian (USA)

Mark Ettinger, Musician/Juggler (USA)

Emily James, Clown/Multimedia Artist (USA)

SlinCraze, Musician (Norway)

Saurabh Tak, Storyteller (India)

Porpentine Theater Co., Shakespearean Troupe (USA)

Jess Bayuk, Architect and Visual Artist

The Bandroidz, Band (USA)

Hair Jail, Band (USA)

Sirens, Band (USA)

Urban Research Theater, Performance Artists (USA)

Arturo Vidich, Performance Artist (Italy/USA)

Flavio Sciolé, Actor/Director (Italy)

Txuca, Photographer (Spain)

Luff Josa, Spoken Word (USA)

Alberto Fiori, Musician (Italy/Germany)

Leila Adu, Musician (USA)

Tilda Lovell, Visual Artist (Sweden/Germany)



3-minute walk-through interview with Mothership Captain Sol Kjøk by WeLoveNYC

 2nd Officer Mayfield dancing on Mothership's deck,  click  for full video.

2nd Officer Mayfield dancing on Mothership's deck, click for full video.