2nd Tuesdays @ Mothership NYC_Banner.jpg

are informal, salon-style gatherings for artist friends & colleagues and other arts appreciators – come join us for wine, laughs and shared stories!
The evening's highlight is generally a talk or other short production by our current Artist-in Residence onboard, followed by other visiting artists and/or local creatives.
Improvised presentations by audience members are also very welcome: whoever wants to sing, play, perform or show us something cool will have the most appreciative audience in NYC!

Our doors are wide open to all comers as of 7:30 pm. 
We’ll have some wine and popcorn on hand; feel free to bring along anything else you’d like to see on the table. And, by all means, take along a friend, too!

January 9, 2018: A.I.R. Hilde Marstrander (Visual Artist, Oslo); Terry Tapp (Visual Artist, New York); Lenna Pierce (Musician, New York)

December 12, 2017: Holiday Benefit Bazaar. Musical entertainment by 2nd Officer Siw Laurent (Actress & Vocalist, New York) and Katy Gunn (Musician & Performance Artist, New York).

November 14, 2017: Visiting Artists Lesley Kernochan (Los Angeles); Teenage Love (Copenhagen/New York) and Laura Colomban (Venice).
Artworks on display by A.I.R Claire Zakiewicz (Visual Artist, London) and Visiting Artist Camillla Hoffman (Helsingborg)

October 10, 2017A.I.R Alexa Wilson (Dancer/Performance Artist, Auckland) + Mayfield Brooks (Dancer/Choreographer, Brooklyn);
Mara Catalan (Photographer, Madrid/New York); Visiting Artist Elina Cullen (Visual Artist, Buenos Aires/Århus)

September 12, 2017A.I.R Claire Zakiewicz (Visual Artist, London); Sebastian Gollings (Photographer, Melbourne); Gordon Skinner (Filmmaker, New York)

August 8, 2017: Salsa class by former Crew Member Nelesi Rodríguez (Media Educator & Creative Practitioner, Caracas/New York)

July 11, 2017: Visiting Artist Zhongwen Hu (Painter, Shanghai); Luis Alonzo-Barkigia (Cross-disciplinary Artist, Tijuana); Adam Elstein (Photographer, New York)

June 13, 2017: A.I.R Mariana Soares (Painter, São Paulo); Richard Borge (Animator/Illustrator, New York); Katy Gunn (Performing Musical Artist, New York/Copenhagen)

May 9, 2017: A.I.R Claire Zakiewicz (Visual Artist, London); Visiting Artists David Alræk (Filmmaker, Bergen) & Cecilie Størkson (Writer, Bergen); Brooklyn poets Erica Schreiner & Craig Kite

April 11, 2017: A.I.R. Amplifier Collective (Art as Social Activism, Oslo)

Mar 14, 2017: A.I.R. Diane Victor (Visual Artist, Johannesburg)

Feb 14, 2017: A.I.R Celine Pelcé (Food Artist, Paris)

Jan 10, 2017: Mothership Crew Members & Extended Family

Dec 13, 2016: A.I.R Florian Pochlatko (Filmmaker, Vienna)